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Yay. I finished my character sketch in time. I hope she likes it, as I don't .

But I wrote it about some girl I used to go to school with, named Lucy. It's G-rated if anyone cares.

I walked out of the front doors for recess and saw Lucy, or Lucinda as she liked to call herself sometimes, sitting near the short purple slide, holding it hostage from all others who would never really want to use it.

She called to me in her musical voice, almost making me think that I had finally become accepted by her. But that was followed with a quick, “Nope, never mind,” which sent me on my way to the giant Tic-Tac-Toe board. I watched her talk to her friend Jamila, and frowned as she kept tossing her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder and talked about only god knows what.

I had always been envious of her; she had the best of everything, her older sibling was nice to her, she had connections in the right place, and most of all, her mother was a teacher in the high school. That all made her popular, the “it-girl” of the 47 kids in my class, and the enemy of a few girls.

One thing that I hadn’t failed to notice was that she never got in trouble. She was absolutely perfect, and I was jealous. Twice I had gotten into trouble in elementary school, and she wasn’t ever sent to the planning room once that I know of.

Another thing that bothered me about her was that she always had the perfect clothes. She wore cool t-shirts and pants, warm jackets and nice shoes. To me, they never got old-looking. They were always nice, and I hated it.

But once she was actually nice to me. I had gum in my hair, thrown in by someone, and at the end of the following class, to my horror, she pulled me over to her and pulled out three different pieces of gum. I thanked her before throwing them away, and everything went back to normal in gym. She was her normal graceful, beautiful, and mean self again.

She was tan, which was obvious that it was fake when it came to winter, and I remember looking at her elbows and thinking that they were awfully wrinkly, and that her arms were hairy. I felt better thinking about that, thinking that it just made her more human like the rest of us, and less like the goddess Aphrodite that she played in the 6th grade play, The Rap of Ulysses.

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