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original fic

This is my latest thing, written for the first of three short story assignments; character driven, conflict driven, and setting driven (possibly).
This was finished at 3:00 in the morning, which is pretty not cool...considering everything that happened after.

But anyway, it doesn't have a title, it starts out like the scene in Heroes when Candice had made Mr. Bennet think that she was Sandra, but there aren't any characters from Heroes.

Title: Untitled
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Lila Sanders, Sara Callahan, Sara's husband (who has no name)
Spoilers: Lolz, none. Unless you haven't seen the Heroes episode mentioned above. Woops.
Summary: I was told the job was going to be easy.
Disclaimer: I own it all! Except kinda for the basic plot.

I was told the job was going to be easy, going and working information out of my now former boss.  I was instructed to get information about the whereabouts of my former boss’s hidden Special. Once I got that, I was to fetch her and bring her in so we could save her. Everything had seemed so easy when he explained it.

I, of course, have extreme confidence in my own abilities, and I shift my appearance to what I hope looks like my former boss’s wife. I do know what she looks like, having been to their apartment twice before, but general looks aren’t everything.

I change from petite redhead who looks like she could kill someone if provoked enough to a tall blonde who oozes nice out of every pore and loves her kids unconditionally. I shudder slightly, adapting to the feel of her body. Once the feeling leaves, I walk into the dining room and wait.

Immediately I’m hungry, but I can’t take the chance of eating. I was told that if I did anything wrong, like eat something she doesn’t like, I would be discovered. Getting discovered would not only ruin the plan my superiors came up with, the girl wouldn’t be saved, and I would probably be killed because I screwed up.

I start walking around after I get tired of waiting and I work on remembering her movements from earlier, when I created the illusion I was her husband. I felt bad after I left, but it was all needed to save the girl. There was a touch to her hair when he smiles at her, a small smile when she talks about her kids, and she twists her hands when the topic of the girl comes up, almost as if she was worried about her. All in all, learning her movements was like learning a new language.

As I walk around, I examine everything closely, having more time this time than I had before. I find how she folds her clothes, and it’s almost fun to go through her drawers. In her sock drawer, I find a charred picture of her kids and the girl at a lake somewhere. They almost seem happy in the picture.

A scraping of a key in the lock breaks me out of my thoughts and I begin to panic, despite the confidence I have in my abilities. Involuntarily, my hand flies up to my mouth and I nibble slightly at a manicured nail before realizing what I was doing and I move my hand away. That is Lila Sanders’s reaction, not Sara Callahan’s.

Time starts to move slowly and I start to panic more when it sinks in that there was no more time for preparation. This is the real deal, and it doesn’t help any when my former boss walks over and hugs me. I tell him hello and he pulls me into the bathroom so we could talk. He turns on the shower and I sit down before he turns to talk to me.

“They’re on to me, Sara,” he says quietly, trying to keep himself from being heard over the running water. That would have worked if the people he was trying to keep from hearing didn’t already have me there to hear.

“They still think you’re hiding her, aren’t they?” I ask, trying to be Sara as best as I can, and let me tell you, it’s not easy. My heart’s beating so fast, and I have no clue whether or not he knows.

He nods and curls his hand into a fist. “But I’m not hiding her!” he says angrily. “And even if I was, I wouldn’t give her up. She means so much to this family.”

I sit there and nod, figuring that’s what Sara would do when her husband talks. She seemed the type to agree with everything and just wait it out before putting in her opinion. And apparently, it was a good choice.

“You wouldn’t believe all the tests they would perform on her…they’re all wrong! They would treat her as some guinea pig and not as a human being!” The volume of his voice rises slightly and he was now close to being the same volume as the water. “They’ll push her to the extent of her powers, and she’ll probably end up destroying the world! And they think they’re going to save her by doing that!”

I feel anger in my veins as I listen to his little rant and I clench my teeth together. How could he say that? How could he say that we’re going to destroy the world with her? That’s not what we want to do!

I let go of the illusion I created, and I’m finally me again, standing at my full height, which at five feet and four inches, the top of my head barely reaches his shoulder. I look up at him, and by the way he steps back, I know my brown eyes show the anger I feel coursing through me.

“You’re wrong!” I shout at him, “You have no idea of what we’re trying to do!”

In that instant in which I had lost my temper and broke the illusion, I know it is over. I had ruined their plans to save the girl, and I was in danger of being killed by the very people I worshiped. I was always disposable, and there was always someone else who could do my job for me.

I can’t stand the look on his face that looks like sympathy so I run out, changing my appearance on the way out, just in case there was anyone out there who worked for the same group. I see no one outside, but that doesn’t mean I’m free. They have a tracking system that can easily find me.

I won’t be free until either they have been taken down or I’m dead. And I’m sure my death will be the one that comes first.
Tags: creative writing assignment
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